Workshop Raphäel NOGIER, MD 

How to detect a Depression in the R.A.C./VAS.

The RAC/VAS is an arterial phenomenon under the dependance of the autonomic nervous system. We can perceive it on the distal arteries.

First, the french surgeon, René Leriche, described a local reflex cutaneo-vascular in 1943. Later, the french physician, Paul Nogier, described in 1966 a reflex between ear and heart. Afterwards, he spoke about a general reflex trigerred by a cutaneous or emotionnal stimulation. Today we speak about circulatory autonomic reflex.

This reflex seems to change according to the state of health and can be used by the practionner to detect some functional disease. To find it, it is necessary to take the radial pulse.

In the nervous depression, the RAC/VAS is abnormal. In the workshop, the student will learn the following:

  1. What is the RAC
  2. How to perceive it
  3. What are the anomalies of the RAC in the nervous depression.

Raphaël NOGIER, MD

President of GLEM.

Teaching director for Auriculotherapy in Lyon Medical Studies Group (GLEM).