Gerhard Litscher

Science and Research in Auricular Medicine

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This keynote lecture on the topic of ‘Science and Research in Auricular Medicine’ will highlight the latest findings and advances in this field. Auricular medicine is a form of complementary medicine that uses the stimulation of specific points on the ear to diagnose and treat health conditions. This technique has been used for many years in Europe but also in traditional Chinese medicine and has enjoyed renewed popularity in the Western world in recent years.

Our research team in Austria in Europe, together with international renowned research teams, has made essential basic contributions to the study of this practice. Recent research has also shown that auricular stimulation including acupuncture with different modalities (needle, laser, electro, etc.) can be effective in treating a variety of conditions, including chronic pain, anxiety, and addiction. However, we have also performed joint studies on basic research, robotic, and artificial intelligence for treating various health problems.

This keynote lecture will present the latest basic research on auricular medicine, with a focus on our own findings. The potential benefits and limitations of this practice should also be discussed, as well as its role in integrative medicine. Whether you are a researcher, a practitioner, or simply interested in learning more about basic science and research of auricular medicine, this lecture will hopefully provide valuable insights into this fascinating field.

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MSc PhD MDsc

Gerhard Litscher is President of the International Society for Medical Laser Applications (ISLA transcontinental, since 2012), German Vice President of the German-Chinese Research Foundation (DCFG, since 2014) and Honorary President of the European Federation of Acupuncture and Moxibustion Societies (2023). He is Chairman of Consensus Guidelines for Laser Acupuncture of the World Association for photobiomoduLation Therapy (WALT). He is also a member of the expert panels of the World Health Organization (WHO) for acupuncture and related fields, and is honorary or guest professor at 12 top universities and institutions in China (see below).

Gerhard Litscher was Head of the Research Unit for Complementary and Integrative Laser Medicine (2012-2023), of the Research Unit of Biomedical Engineering in Anesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine (2005-2023) and Founding Director and Chairman of the TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) Research Center (2007-2023) at the Medical University of Graz.

He is a Doctor of Technical Sciences and Doctor of Medical Sciences and has published approximately 700 scientific contributions (~300 SCI/PubMed-listed). He is the author and/or editor of more than 20 books and editor and/or editorial board member of more than 30 international journals.

Gerhard Litscher is Visiting/Guest/Honorary Professor of:

- Medical University of Vienna, Austria
- Institute of Acupuncture & Moxibustion, China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, Beijing, China
- Capital Medical University, Beijing, China
- Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine, Harbin, China
- Beijing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Prof.h.c.), Beijing, China
- Chinese People's Liberation Army General Hospital, Beijing, China
- China Medical University, Taichung, Taiwan, Rep. China
- Beijing University of Science and Technology, Beijing, China
- Hubei University of Chinese Medicine, Wuhan, China
- Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, School of Acupuncture-Moxibustion, Beijing, China
- Hubei Provincial Collaborative Innovation Center of Preventive Treatment by Acupuncture Moxibustion, Wuhan, China
- Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shu Guang Hospital, Shanghai, China
- Fudan University, Shanghai, China