Gary Stanton


The Shenmen and Cosmonaut Points

Gary Stanton (MD)

The Shenmen Point is an auricular acupuncture point that is also known in France as the CosmonautPoint. It is widely utilized therapeutically for its property of reducing stress.

In some ways it is a controversial point. Differences of opinion exist regarding the most appropriatename of the point, who discovered it first, its location within the triangular fossa, its best method ofdetection, its best method of stimulation, its actions, its indications, its contraindications, itstherapeutic effects, and even its very existence.

Furthermore, given the extent of controversy concerning the Shenmen and Cosmonaut points, onemay reasonably question if they represent the same point, or two separate points.

The aim of this keynote talk will be to review the similarities and differences of opinion regarding theShenmen and Cosmonaut points, drawing mainly from French, German, Chinese, and Americansources. The clinical implications of these comparisons will be summarized.

Curriculum Vitae

Gary Stanton, MD (Boston University School of Medicine, 1977) is a neurologist and auriculotherapist who has subspecialty interests and board certifications in sleep medicine, pain medicine, clinical neurophysiology, and medical acupuncture. He studied medical acupuncture in the Harvard Medical School and Boston University School of Medicine programs, as well as at the Institute for Traditional Chinese Energetics and Acupuncture(IEATC)in France. He subsequently completed the training program for the Inter-University Diploma(DIU)in Auriculotherapy at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Paris XIII in France, under Dr. David Alimi. He is a member of the Scientific Board for the Eleventh International Symposium of Auriculotherapy, to be held in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2023. He is a Fellow of the American Academy of Medical Acupuncture (AAMA), and is treasurer of the New England Society of Medical Acupuncture. Dr. Stanton is a member of the AAMA Board of Directors and Membership Committee. He enjoys lecturing in auriculotherapy education in the USA and internationally. He works in private practice in Concord, Massachusetts, USA.