Keynote Frank Bahr

Auriculo Diagnostic and Auriculo-therapy of Psychological Damage and Trauma to the soul.Development of the finding of the psychosomatic points.

Curriculum Vitae

Frank BAHR, MD

Ord. Prof. of TCM at the SWISS TCM University

Curriculum vitae Frank Bahr

1. Date of birth: May 4, 1944 in Neisse (Germany)

2. Titles:
1972 Doctor of medicine, Munich University, Germany
– since 1998 visiting professor at NUTCM
– since 2000 Professor honoris causae Chinese Academy of Science, Beijing– since 2001 Professor honoris causae NUTCM
– since 2014 Senior Professor of NUTCM
– since 2023 regular Professor for TCM-energy at the SWISS TCM UNI

Honorary President of Austrian Society for Controlled Acupuncture
Honorary President of Swiss Society for Acupuncture and Auricular-MedicineHonorary President of the German Academy of Acupuncture
President of the European Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine (EATCM)

3. Main achievements and presentations
a) Complete research-work about ear-localisations together with Dr. Paul NOGIER,1974 (with publications in two chinese ear-acupuncture-books, charts in USA andall over Europe)
b) Developing new techniques to find pathological ear-points, since 1994
c) Research-work about the frequency-correspondences of all vertebras, innerorgans and hormonal- and psychosomatic-points to body- and ear-points (seeseveral charts)
d) Research-work about the chinese meridians on the ear
e) Chart of the New Earacupuncture in German, English, French and Chineselanguage


About 16 books and 8 posters as well as many articles in journals, mostimportant: „Science“ (October 9, 1998, Vol. 282), „The Lancet“ (September 18,1999, Vol. 354),
Photon, the Journal of Radiology 2014,125,133-14 (Study in fMRI of the stimulation ofthe auricular areas of the knee as the French–German and Chinese localizations)