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Anne Marie Bering

Three pain models
Three pain protocols

Know the pain model before you treat

Pain is a collective term for several conditions and several causes. In therapy, pain cannot be dealt with as a unit. All types of pain can be defined in three models, and all types of pain can be treated within three protocols.

1. Neuromuscular Pain

Etiology: Most often compensation for physical or psychological trauma.
Protocol: A gating process in the central nervous system.

2. Nociceptive Pain

Joint pain, rheumatism, fracture, neuralgia, neuropathy, inflammatory pain.

  • Etiology: The pain and the cause most often occur together.
    Protocol: New protocol will be announced at the workshop.

3. Dissociative Pain

Etiology: The brain produces the pain and the pain is protective. The pain is symbolic and associated with an experience. The pain occurs across the anatomy.

  • Protocol: Regulation of basal ganglia.

Pain drawing of dissociative pain

Learning Outcome

  1. You can detect the three models of pain within a few seconds. The client's posture is included in the assessment
  2. You can treat the three models of pain on the ear, with acupuncturestimulation and with light stimulation on ear points.

The effect of the protocols are surprisingly effective.