Program Introduction

On Friday morning you can choose between two pre-conference workshops.

1. Porges workshop

2. Asis workshop

The program below offers keynote speakers and presenters. Alongside the presenters are workshops where you get the opportunity to learn new techniques from scratch and get your hands on.



8:30 - 12 am


Pre Conference Workshop 1

Stimulation of the Vagus Nerve

in the ear

Stephen W. PORGES, Ph.D

Sue Carter PORGES, MD

The workshop will explore both clinical applications of the Polyvagal Theory and the dependence of autonomic regulation on oxytocin.


1. Participants will learn how the Polyvagal Theory can demystify several clinical symptoms related to psychiatric diagnoses (e.g.,PTSD, autism, depression, and anxiety disorders).

2. Participants will learn how deficits in the regulation of the Social Engagement System relate to the core features of several behavioral and psychiatric disorders.

3. Participants will learn about a neural process (neuroception) that evaluates risk in the environment and reflexively triggers adaptive neural circuits that promote either social interactions or defensive behaviors.

4. Participants will gain an understanding of how oxytocin is involved in regulating stress and enhancing health.

5. Participants will gain an understanding of how oxytocin mediates the impact of social support, social bonds, and trusting relationships on physical and mental health

6. Participants will gain an understanding of how oxytocin and vasopressin act as “neuromodulators” within the theoretical context of the Polyvagal Theory.

8:30 - 12 am

Pre Conference Workshop 2

How to detect childhood trauma

How to treat childhood trauma

Daniel ASIS, MD



12:00 pm

1:00 pm

1:15 pm

1:30 pm

1:45 pm

2:35 pm

Conference Opening

Sign in

Please go to the registration desk andsign in.

Have the conference abstract book and your name tag.

Host opening

Robert BERING opens the conference by introducing how Auriculotherapy meets the Field of Psychology.

President of G.L.E.M. Opening

Raphaël NOGIER

Presidents Opening

Stephen PORGES


Stephen PORGES

New directions in Auriculotherapy:

Nervus Vagus stimulation

Coffee & cake

3:00 pm

Keynote Sue Carter, MD

Oxytocin and the Polyvagal Theory

3:30 pm

Symposium Friday afternoon

Vagal nerve stimulation in Auriculotherapy

Choose on the day between lectures in the conference hall or

workshop in the workshop 

Conference hall

1. Chantal Vulliez, MD &

Patrick Becu, veterinary

Pulsed Magnetic Field, a potentially useful complementary auricular therapeutic option. Phase II: a comparative trial of auricular magnetic stimulation on 100 patients

2. Preseneter

Symposium chairmen 


4:30 pm


Workshop room

Raphaël NOGIER, MD

How to detect a Depression in the R.A.C./VAS

Hands on with Raphaël Nogier.

Choose a workshop in the workshop room on the day or the presenters in the conference hall.

5:00 pm

Symposium Friday evening

Psychotraumatology -

How to modulate brain networks

Conference hall

1. Robert Bering, MD

Dynamic Ear-acupuncture supported Trauma Regulation (DESTaR).

Pilotstudy, Multi-clinic study.

2. Presenter

3. Presenter

Workshop room

Excellent workshop coming up

Symposium chairmen


6:30 pm

7:00 pm

Poster session, exhibition


7:30 pm

Two course dinner


- at Villa Copenhagen 5 stars Hotel. Enjoy your evening with collegues.

All together




Bruno Bonaz, MD

8:30 am

9:15 am

10:00 am

The Microbiota-Gut-Brain Axis

Targeting Vagal Tone through Vagus Nerve Stimulation in Auriculotherapy


Frank Bahr, MD &

Beate Strittmatter, MD

Bahr: Auriculo Diagnostic and Auriculo-therapy of Psychological Damage and Trauma to the soul.

Development of the finding of the psychosomatic points.

Strittmatter: Auriculodiagnostic of points related to psychological disorders.


10:30 am

Symposium Saturday morning

Auriculotherapy for mental disorders

Conference hall

1. C. Wesemann, MD

2. Dr. Michael Weber

Auriculotherapy with a double effect.

Laser in Diagnostic and Therapy:

Fascinating Results by the seven Resonance-Frequencies according to Paul Nogier and Frank Bahr.

Symposium chairmen


Workshop room

12:00 -


Poster session, exhibition

12:30 -

1:30 pm

Lunch included 

- at Villa Copenhagen 5 stars Hotel.

Enjoy your lunch with  collegues.

1:30 pm

Symposium Saturday afternoon

Chronic Pain related to the Field of Psychology

Meeting room

1. Mitchell L. ELKISS,

Co-Director, Associate Professor

Auricular trauma protocol in the mitigation of extraordinary stress and its psychological and somatic manifestations.

2. Presenter

3. Presenter

Workshop room

Auriculodiagnostic and Auriculotherapy of psychic injuries and trauma of soul.

Learning outcome:

On the way....

Frank Bahr, MD

Beate Strittmatter, MD

Christiane Wesemann, MD

Michael Weber, MD

3 pm - 3:30 pm

Coffee & cake

4:00 pm


Stéphane Maugendre, MD

Pain associated with the Field of Psychology

4:45 pm


Christiane T Wesemann, MD

The psychic injuries in the case of Covid diseases with the corresponding psychic blockage points and the exact matching flowers

5:30 pm-

6:30 pm

Closure, exhibition

7:00 pm

Gala dinner at the Odd Fellow Palace

The gala dinner is a free choice for 85 € at the

Odd Fellow Palace,

Bredgade 28, Copenhagen.

The gala dinner is of Danish delicious ingredients served in the most beautiful surroundings in the knights' hall.

Don´t panic.

It will be 100% organic.



Keynote Kajsa Landgren

9:00 am

Ear acupuncture in addiction, anxiety, depression and sleeping problems

9:45 am

10:30 am



Auriculotherapy: Facilitating Endogenous Pain Neuromodulation and Resiliency


11:00 am

13:00 pm

Panel discussion

Chairman RANGON